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S Tyneside

Jarrow Priory



Religious Ritual and Funerary


Benedictine Cell



Ruined Building

The Saxon site was reoccupied in c.1072 by Aldwin etc. from Winchcombe. In 1083 they were removed to Durham, and Jarrow subsequently became a cell, or dependent house, of Durham until its dissolution in 1536. It rarely housed more than 2 monks during the Middle Ages. There are documentary references (in 1371) to a church, chamber, hall, kitchen, pantry, bakehouse, brewhouse, larder, stable, byre, piggery, sheepfold, granary, smithy, dairy and grange. The ruins and excavation evidence show a square cloister south of the church, with - in the first phase - an east range (chapterhouse, reredorter undercroft, etc) abutting the chancel of the church, and the south and west boundary walls of the cloister garth. The west range was never completed, and the south wall became the south wall of the south range. In the 13th century the east range became a domestic block, with hall, brewhouse, etc. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT




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