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Tyne and Wear HER(12315): Byker, St. Anthony fishery - Details

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Byker, St. Anthony fishery



Agriculture and Subsistence

Fish Trap

Fish Weir

Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

'A fishing in the water of Tyne to the middle of the stream from the west end of St Anthonyes wood to the east end thereof'. It belonged to St. Anthonyes Farm and was conveyed to Thomas Bonner of Newcastle by John Lawson of Brough in Yorkshire in 1653. In a 17th century deposition concerning the ownership of the ballast shore built on Salt Grasse in 1623, evidence was given that Gateshead men fished from there before the ballast shore was built. 'They do not know to whom the rent was paid, but saw some fishermen sometimes give a fish to Anthony Porter, tenant to some part of Byker lands. Does not know that the said fishing was called Beggars Hill before the erection of the ballast shore'. The rent of the fishery in 1851 was £2.




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