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N Tyneside

North Shields, Alma Place

North Shields



Multiple Dwelling


Early Modern


Extant Building

East end of the terrace was built by 1865. By 1899 the crescent had been completed. The earliest houses were quite grand (wider and longer and with long gardens), the later ones more modest in scale. The terrace has a formal face to the street and a functional rear to a back lane. Due to the angles in the street and at each corner plot, some of the rear yards are extremely narrow. No. 16 is a gabled corner house creating a 'palace front' to the street with this more prominent end 'pavilion'. No. 15 is a corner building with quoins. The eaves at the top end of Alma Place have a deep overhang supported on tightly spaced concave timber brackets. Later ones are infilled between with stucco to create a swept half-timbered motif. Nos. 13-14 have original detail of four coloured stripes of salt-glazed bricks at the eaves in white, black, mauve and blue. No. 16 Alma Place has an overhang finished with shaped timber bargeboards and finial, traditionally painted dark rich colours or black. Houses at the east end were designed with a small dormer window to the front with a pitched roof and glazed cheeks. Some have angled sides and ornate brackets. Other houses have had similar dormers inserted on front or rear slopes quite early on. An enamelled street nameplate survives. The east end of the terrace has long, leafy front gardens behind tall hedges. The gardens include an avenue of trees which forms a tall attractive canopy to the wide street. Low boundary walls in white salt-glazed brick with stone plinths survive at the top end of Alma Place. A few iron gates survive, hung on decorative stone gate piers or iron posts. A horse chestnut tree has a Tree Preservation Order.




North Tyneside Council, Development Directorate, September 2006, Camp Terrace Conservation Area Character Appraisal

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