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N Tyneside

Tynemouth, Grand Parade, Plaza Ballroom




Music Speech and Dance Venue


Early Modern


Demolished Building

The Plaza Ballroom, often referred to as The Aquarium, opened in 1878 (Lynn Pearson says 1876). It included a bar, roller skating rink and an aquarium. This was the North East's second roller skating rink (the first being at North Shields HER 9828). Rincomania was the first phase of roller skating, following the invention of a four-wheeled skate in America in 1863. Rincomania returned to the Plaza in the Edwardian period with improvements in skate design and maple rather than asphalt flooring. Roller skating's third phase began in 1930 with Tynemouth Roller Skating Club. Later the building became a theatre and then an amusement arcade. It was destroyed by fire in 1996.




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