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S Tyneside

Jarrow post-medieval village





Deserted Settlement

Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

From at least the beginning of the 19th century a village existed east of St. Paul's church. The 1808 plan of Simon Temple's estate shows houses arranged round the south, east and north sides of the rough grassed area between the church and the Don (to the east), with another row along the edge of the road north from the bridge. The layout is slightly enlarged on the first edition Ordnance Survey plan (c.1860). In 1973/76 C.D. Morris excavated the row of one-room brick cottages which lay west of the end of the bridge, and found them to be late 18th century/early 19th century. The only medieval structures found were part of the priory. The area was subject to slum clearance in the early 1930s and then became a chemical waste tip. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT




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