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Tyne and Wear HER(1240): Newcastle, Blackett Davison Hospital - Details

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Newcastle, Blackett Davison Hospital



Health and Welfare


Post Medieval


Documentary Evidence

In 1754 "the mayor and burgesses erected here (in the Manors) on their ground, and at their common expense, an elegant set of apartments for the ...6 unmarried women", daughters or widows of Newcastle burgesses, provided for by Thomas Davison Esq., "under the same roof with those intended for the two former hospitals of Mrs Anne Davison (1725, HER ref. 1239), and Sir Walter Blackett, Bart". Blackett's hospital also dates from 1754, and was for 6 unmarried men, poor and decayed burgesses of the town. Mackenzie published an engraving which shows the west front of this hospital, a classical 3-storey 9-bay building with slightly projecting central 3-bays beneath a pediment on which is the Newcastle arms. It lay north-south, at right angles to the south-east corner of the Holy Jesus Hospital, and was presumably demolished in or before 1850 to make room for the railway.




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