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Tyne and Wear HER(12406): Gibside Estate, old kennels and smithy - Details

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Gibside Estate, old kennels and smithy




Metal Workers Workshop

Blacksmiths Workshop

Post Medieval


Ruined Building

An old kennel is shown on a plan of 1822 in this vicinity. Recorded by Northern Counties Archaeological Services for the National Trust in 2007. The principal ruinous structure probably once functioned as a blacksmith's shop rather than a kennel for hunting dogs. The remains are multi-period in date, possibly 18th century at earliest, as the Gibside Cash Books of 1749 refer to the 'new Smith Shop' which was furnished with an anvil and bellows in 1753. John Dixon was the estate blacksmith at this time. One of his jobs was to make iron tyres for wooden wagon wheels. The overgrown remains of the main building comprise a one-roomed sandstone rubble structure, faced in ashlar with a single door and central window facing towards the stables. The north wall retains an area of hand-made red brick with later insertions of white firebrick and a square flue.




Harry Beamish, Autumn 1993, Summary Table - Gibside; Northern Counties Archaeological Services, 2007, The Kennels, Gibside - Report on the archaeological recording for The National Trust

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