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Denton, food vessel



Food Vessel


Bronze Age


In 1813 or 1814 three short cists (c. 2' x 1'/1'6"), aligned SW-NE, were found c. a quarter of a mile SW of the Roman Wall near Denton Hall. "The centre enclosure contained the urn, the bottom of which was about the same depth as the edge stones; the remaining space within was filled up with very fine soft yellow sand, almost to the surface. The urn contained a substance very much resembling ...shag tobacco". It seems likely that this substance was a cremation. The pot was donated to the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle in January 1815. Although the NCH reported in 1930 that "it cannot now be identified", in 1937 Wake declared it was a food vessel and on display in the Society's museum. A bipartite vase with shoulder cavetto zone and five perforated stops. 11.5 cm high x 15.3 cm rim diam x 7.7. cm base diam. Exterior decorated all over with combed pseudo maggots arranged herringbone fashion. Internal bevel lines of twisted cord decoration. Buff fabric, pink patches.




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