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Denton, inhumation



Religious Ritual and Funerary




Bronze Age


In 1936 a cist was found during road making west of Denton Burn. The precise find spot is described as "on the line of the pavement on the west side of Legion Road, 20 yards south of the road called West Vallum which runs along the Vallum ditch and on the crest of the slope which leads down to the bank of the burn". The cist, on an E-W axis, was c. 4' long x 2' wide x 2' deep, and 2'2" below the line of the original humus. Though it had been cleared by workmen before an archaeologist could get there, a few human bones were recovered - a jaw and molar fragments. These were thought to be from a young person, and were presented to the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle by T. Wake.




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