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N Tyneside

Whitley Bay Golf Club, ridge and furrow

Whitley Bay


Agriculture and Subsistence

Ridge and Furrow

Broad Ridge and Furrow



Medieval ridge and furrow is visible as earthworks on air photographs in the non-civil parish of North Tyneside. Most appears to be no longer extant on the latest 1988 Ordnance Survey vertical photography.




Archaeological Research Services Ltd, 2009, North East Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment; NMR Monument No.1464822; Vertical aerial photograph reference number RAF 58/B/40 5074 18-MAY-1948; RAF 58/B/32 5813 16-MAY-1948; RAF 106G/UK/1193 3077 27-FEB-1946; The Archaeological Practice, 2011, Brierdene, Claremont Road, Whitley Bay - report on archaeological watching brief and ridge and furrow survey

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