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Tyne and Wear HER(12676): Sunderland, Molito (Melita) - Details

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Sunderland, Molito (Melita)



Maritime Craft

Sailing Vessel

Early Modern



1830 wreck of English craft which stranded between Sunderland Pier and Hendon Dean; a wooden sailing vessel. `We have to record the dismal effects of a storm at Sunderland on Wednesday last, almost equal in its consequences to the 14th of October. About 3 o'clock a large fleet of light ships were standing for the harbour, the wind blew stormy at ENE; a considerable number of the first got safe in, but a new storm coming on so intense that it was impossible to distinguish the nearest objects, the following vessels were driven on shore between the harbour and Hendon Dean, the greater part without severe injury though some will be wrecks...MELITA, of Sunderland; BRITANNIA of Whitby...MESSENGER, SOVEREIGN, OAK, CHARLOTTE, ELIZABETH...of Newcastle; LOUISA of Aberdeen; WILLIAM AND BETSEY, of Peterhead. The crews escaped with difficulty, by the assistance of the life boats and cobles.' (1) MOLITO: Wrecked between Sunderland Pier and Hendon Dean. (2)




Archaeological Research Services Ltd, 2009, North East Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment; NMR Monument 1406252; Shoreline Management Plan 7.3; Durham County Advertiser 23-JAN-1830 No. 803 Page 3; Newcastle Chronicle 23-JAN-1830 [via Ian Spokes]

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