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Tyne and Wear HER(12684): North Shields/South Shields, River Tyne, Thomas - Details

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N Tyneside and S Tyneside

North Shields/South Shields, River Tyne, Thomas

South Shields


Maritime Craft

Transport Vessel

Cargo Vessel

Early Modern


Documentary Evidence

1833 wreck of English cargo vessel, stranded at Shields on putting into that harbour. En route from Sunderland to London with a cargo of coal, she was a wooden sailing vessel. 'The ST NINIANS, Small, of Bo' ness with oats from Newry; the KEITH STEWARD, Willingham, of Perth; FRIENDS, Youngson, of Montrose; and the THOMAS, of and from Sunderland, with coals, all bound to London were driven on the rocks near the Spanish Battery, at the entrance of Shields Harbour on the 18th inst. and have since gone to pieces. Crews saved by the Northumberland and South Shields lifeboats.' (1) Crew: Saved. Date of Loss Qualifier: Actual date of loss.




Archaeological Research Services Ltd, 2009, North East Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment; NMR Monument 1434819; Shoreline Management Plan 1.2; (1) Newcastle Courant 26-JAN-1833, No. 8244 Page 4

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