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Tyne and Wear HER(12752): Hendon, Balzac - Details

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Hendon, Balzac



Maritime Craft

Motor Launch




A steel 963 ton Norwegian-registered motor vessel. 65.53m long, 0.54m beam and 3.88m draught. She was built in 1921 by Odense Staalskibsvaerft at Odense for A/S Granger Rolf (Fred Olsen). Her single steel propeller was powered by a six-cylinder oil/diesel engine. Her aft machinery was built by Akt Burmeistr & Wain of Copenhagen. She had one deck, a 42m poop-deck and a 9.4m forecastle. On 26 July 1940 she was en route from Sunderland to Cowes, Isle of Wight, with coal. She detonated a German-laid mine just north of Hendon Rock. The vessel was blown in half and six of the crew were killed. She now lies in two sections 70m apart at a depth of 16m. The bronze propeller was salvaged by divers in the 1960s. She was next discovered in 1978. Grid reference conversion made 14.11.09 with with WGS84 Lat/Lon. N 54 54 521 W 001 19 320 or N 54 54 510 W 001 19 621




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