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Roker, Inverlane



Maritime Craft

Transport Vessel





A steel 9141 ton British motor-tanker, registered in London. She was built in 1938 for the Inver Tanker Co. Ltd in Germany using frozen currency. The 7 Inver Tankers were meant to supply an oil refinery at Dublin, which was never built. On 14 December 1939 the Inverlane was en route from Abadan to Invergorden with a cargo of fuel and furnace oil when she detonated a German-laid mine off the coast of Tynemouth. The explosion left one crew member dead, 3 missing and several seriously injured. For 36 hours she drifted over 26 miles. She burned for five days and was used at night as a marker by the Germans. She sank 1 mile north of Roker lighthouse. In July 1940 the ship was cut into two halves. The fore-part was taken to South Shields for repairs then towed to the Hughs Bolckow Shipbreaking Co. Ltd at Blyth for conversion into a blockship. The wreck off Seaburn covers a considerable area and is collapsed. Grid reference conversion made 14.11.09 with with WGS84 Lat/Lon. N 54 56 294 W 001 21 002 or N 54 56 305 W 001 21 003. Sunderland Echo headlines Saturday 16 December 1939 'GHOST SHIP COMES ASHORE AT DAWN IN SANDY BAY ON THE NORTH EAST COAST'.




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