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Tyne and Wear HER(12759): Marsden, Grit - Details

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S Tyneside

Marsden, Grit



Maritime Craft

Transport Vessel

Cargo Vessel




A steel 501 ton British motor-vessel, registered in London. 48.89m long, 8.1m beam and 2.84m draught. She was built in 1934 by George Brown & Co. at Greenockland and was owned by F.T. Everard & Sons Ltd. Her single bronze propeller was powered by a five-cylinder oil/diesel engine. Her aft-positioned machinery was built by the Newbury Diesel Co. On 24 May 1943 the Grit was en route from King's Lynn to the Tyne when she collided with another vessel and foundered six and a half miles east of Whitburn. Grid reference conversion made 14.11.09 with with WGS84 Lat/Lon. N 54 57 939 W 001 10 482




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