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Tyne and Wear HER(12768): Cleadon, Cleadon Lane, Peacock Lodge - Details

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S Tyneside

Cleadon, Cleadon Lane, Peacock Lodge





Detached House

Early Modern


Extant Building

An exuberant example of late nineteenth century date that has been substantially extended to the north prior to the designation of the Conservation Area, which reduces the original building to a faƧade. The previously flat roofed extensions have been pitched to improve the appearance of the building. The building has been rendered and painted white. The original building is arts & crafts style. It includes fine detail. Peacock Lodge has a steeply pitched flat tile roof with stone water tabling and chimney stacks with stone shoulders added to both gables. The roof has three dormers with pointed gables. Each has a two-pane sliding sash window. The gables are steeply pitched and are braced by carved timber work that is painted white. There are segmental arches over the windows. There are three windows at ground level which are modern replacements. The front of the Lodge has a low stone garden wall. LOCAL LIST




South Tyneside Council, 2007, Cleadon Conservation Area Character Appraisal, pages 20-21; SOUTH TYNESIDE LOCAL LIST REVIEW 2011, LSHA/150/C; Northern Archaeological Associates, 2015, The Cleadon Village Atlas

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