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S Tyneside

Cleadon, Cleadon Plantation





Garden Village



Extant Building

Cleadon Plantation, a landscaped estate, was built over Cleadon Moor and Little Moor to the west of the historic core from the start of the 20th century. It lies over an undulation of Cleadon Hills falling gently from the north east to south west. The estate comprised a collection of large houses in generous gardens using well established tree and hedge lines to create a sense of enclosure and privacy. The quality of pre-First World War housing stock is outstanding. Houses were approached by drives that cut across the gardens and were south facing to take advantage of views over the sloping gardens. Some houses had short garden terraces. This echoes the estates like Regent's Park in London that were built in the 1830s and 40s and the later Garden Suburb movement. The houses are mostly in hard hydraulically pressed smooth faced red brick with heavy gables, Welsh slate roofs and sliding sash windows, some with coloured glass. Some houses have patterned timber framing over render. The first streets to be developed were West Park Road, Underhill Road, the south side of Whitburn Road (B1299) and West Meadows Road. About 2/3 of Cleadon Plantation was built during this period, and is in the same spirit as William Webb's landscape estate in Croydon. Some of the houses have a coach house in the garden. In the inter-war period Laburnum Grove was begun, partly on the grounds of Cleadon House.The inter-war period houses are in white painted render with flat red roof tiles. The Crescent introduced smaller houses and semi-detached properties. The houses were designed to look like cottages, built in warm red brick with red clay pantiled roofs. Hedges and trees contained the front gardens. Laburnum Grove was finished after the Second World War, along with Whitburn Road and Marsden Road. Much of the former garden of Cleadon House to the east of Laburnum Grove was turned into a recreation ground. In the latter 20th century some of the larger gardens were subdivided and infilled. Extensions to houses, the spread of bungalows and the introduction of boundary fences and walls has begun the gradual corrosion of the original appearance and unique distinctiveness of the estate. Notable properties include Banks (No.3 Laburnam Grove), Greenlands (No.2 Boldon Lane), West House (No. 4 Boldon Lane), Tudor House (No. 2 Laburnam Grove), The Rising (No. 4 Laburnum Grove), Cherry Tree House (No. 8 West Park Road), Nos. 10 and 12 West Park Road, Violet Bank and West Mount (Nos. 14 and 16 West Park Road, a pair of semis), No. 18 West Park Road with Brisbane House built in the garden in the post war period, No. 20, Wingrove (at the junction of Boldon Lane and West Park Road), and Red Lodge (No. 7 West Park Road) which once had a fountain in its garden. Opposite West House on the site of the former pinfold and an Edwardian Villa is No. 4 West Park Road (detached white bungalow with concrete tiled roof) and Nos. 6, 6a and 6b (timber clad Scandinavian style chalets built as a dower house and staff accomodation for the Chapman family in Cleadon House). On Underhill Road the nicest houses include Berry Home (No. 1), Lyndhurst (No. 8 Boldon Lane), No. 2 West Park Road, Hillhouse (No. 3 Underhill Road), Pinehurst (No. 5), Hillfield (No. 7), Alderside (No. 9) and Nos. 11 and 13, Woodlands (No. 17), Cardrona House (No. 19), Aysgarth (No. 21). On the west side of Underhill Road are Nos. 4-8, Whyteleafe (No. 10), Moor View (No. 12), Rosedale Cottage (No. 16), Nos. 18-20 and 24-26. Marsden Road is a short cul-de-sac leading from Whitburn Road. 'Pinfold Court' was built on Boldon Lane before the extension of the Conservation Area. It overwhelms its neighbours.




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