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Brighton Cinema, Westgate Road/Lynnwood Terrace, Elswick



Newcastle, Westgate Road, Brighton Electric Theatre







Extant Building

Opened on 10 July 1911. Part of a three-phase leisure centre. On 2 November 1911 the Brighton Assembly Hall was opened (for dances and functions) and on 4 April 1912 a nine-table billiard hall. The architects were Marshall and Tweedy and the builder James McEwan. The controlling company was Newcastle Entertainments Ltd. The cinema has 1099 seats. The four boxes at the rear of the stalls were reserved for company directors. In the early years the films were accompanied by Goffin's Bijou Orchestra. The general manager of the complex was John Coverdale Bell. He retired in 1946. In December 1919 Bell was interviewed in Northern Lights magazine and revealed his plans for a 1800 seater cinema, a dance floor which could accommodate 400 people and 29 billiard tables. The alterations were never made. The cinema was reseated and redecorated in July 1934. In April 1947 the Brighton was taken over by W.J. Clavering. It was the first suburban cinema in Newcastle to equip for Cinemascope. The Brighton closed on 20 April 1963. It was converted into a ten-pin bowling alley.




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