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Elswick, Scotswood Rd, New Tyne Circus / Queen's Theatre




Circus (Recreational)



Demolished Building

The building had originally been a circus (August 1900). The New Tyne Circus designed by Charles S. Errington had walls and roof of galvanised iron. Inside it had a 36 feet diameter circus ring. The proprietor was J.B. Davenport of Birmingham. The circus was run by John Batty and Henry Alvo of Stockton. In November 1908 the building was converted into a variety theatre (Queen's Theatre) for Frederick Bolam and Sidney Bacon, who owned the Queen's Theatre in Gateshead. In 1903 it was renamed the Elswick Theatre. In September 1906 it was supposed by used by the Elswick Works Rifle Club but that never happened. On 9 November 1908 the theatre became Newcastle Sporting Club used for boxing contests and bioscope shows. It was run by publican and boxing promoter James Lowes. By December 1908 the Sporting Club became Elswick Picture Palace and was run by Walturdaw, a production company from London. The Council had refused permission for such a conversion back in March 1908 and so the 2000 seater cinema was forced to closed on 16 January 1909. The purpose built Crown Electric Theatre (HER 12833) was built in its place.




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