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Gosforth, Salters Road, Globe Electric Theatre







Extant Building

Built by a syndicate led by Joseph R. Collins of the King's Cinema, Marlborough Crescent, Newcastle. The architect was J.J. Hill. It has several private boxes at the rear of the stalls. Original plans of April 1910 show a billiard room in the basement with 8 tables. These were eliminated in the final plans. The cinema was licensed for 883 people. The manager was fined for overcrowding in 1912 and again in 1913. On 24 February 1913 the cinema was let for a political gathering by the Gosforth and Coxlodge Liberal Association. During the gathering a hammer-head was thrown through a window in the foyer. A label was attached to the hammer-head which read 'Let fresh air into politics by votes for women'. In February 1915 the Globe was taken over by Sidney Bamford. Talkies were introduced in April 1930. In December 1928 the Globe was taken over by General Theatres Corporation (shortly to merge with Gaumont British). In 1935 it was sold to E.J. Hinge, who co-owned the Royalty Cinema on Gosforth High Street. In 1958 Hinge redecorated the Globe. The cinema closed on 25 November 1961 and became a bingo hall. This closed in 1990. This is the oldest surviving cinema building in Newcastle.




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