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Newburn, Station Road, Imperial Electric Theatre







Extant Building

Opened 18 October 1911. Designed by Thomas R. Eltringham of Throckley Colliery for Towyn Thomas. Seating was for 550. William B. Saul took the cinema over in August 1912. In July 1913 he added a 131 seat gallery and replaced some of the tip-up stalls with forms. In January 1919 Thomas Maughan, a locomotive driver from Blaydon took over the Imperial. The exterior of the cinema was faced with vitrolite glass panels. The sweet shop next door provided refreshments during the intervals. In March 1936 Maurice Cohen took over. In February 1939 the Imperial closed for renovation and partial rebuilding. Seating was reduced back to 550. A.J. Lamb designed a faƧade in cement render with a neon display. There was a fire around September 1940. Architect Robert Burke redesigned the proscenium arch. The Imperial reopened on 23 December 1940. It closed on 13 May 1961 and was converted into a bingo hall. It is now used by a firm of industrial designers.




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