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Ravensworth Park, flints



Tools and Equipment

Cutting Equipment



Mesolithic-Bronze Age


Two flints were found in February 2010 by a member of the public out walking and were reported to Tees Archaeology. The flints were examined by Peter Rowe. 1) Large flint flake, 47mm x 27mm x 7mm. Hard hammer struck but with prepared platform. Some light chipping along both edges consistent with use. Mesolithic or early Neolithic in date. 2) Bifacially worked flint point, 68mm x 37mm x 16mm. This is an unusual piece that does not fit any particular classification. It is based on an angular chunk of light brown flint with a grey/white patina. The item has been worked into a point with invasive retouch and battering along the two long edges. The short edge has less invasive, acute retouch along one side. The general workmanship would suggest a late Neolithic or early Bronze Age date.




Peter Rowe, Tees Archaeology, 9 February 2010, Flints from east of Trench Hall, Gateshead, Tees Archaeology Finds ID

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