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Tyne and Wear HER(12889): Elswick, Westmorland Road, Congregational Church (Savoy) - Details

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Elswick, Westmorland Road, Congregational Church (Savoy)



Religious Ritual and Funerary

Nonconformist Chapel

Congregational Chapel

Early Modern


Demolished Building

Beech Grove Congregational Church was built in 1896. S.J. Stephenson, architect, drew up plans to convert the church into a cinema in February 1932. The two spites were shortened and the Westmorland Road frontage hidden behind stucco. The owner was H.T. Smelt who owned the Plaza on Westgate Road. The cinema had 791 seats. The interior décor was by Fred A. Foster of Nottingham in the 'Spanish hacienda' style with trailing vines and bunches of grapes. In 1948 the Savoy became part of the Essoldo circuit and was allowed to decline. A freak storm damaged the roof in December 1965 and a fire broke out in a store room in May 1966. The Savoy closed. It reopened in October 1969 as a bingo club. Demolished in 1997.




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