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Tyne and Wear HER(1289): Newburn Hall, pele tower - Details

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Newburn Hall, pele tower




Fortified House

Pele Tower



Demolished Building

A tower, 39 feet 9 inches N-S x 25 feet E-W externally, 20 feet 8 inches x 16 feet 7 inches inside A minimum of 2 storeys high, built of coursed masonry, with large quoins some of which were re-used Roman stones. It had a vaulted basement, with a door in the east wall, a loop in each of the other 3, a straight stair in the south wall, and a garderobe on first floor at the foot of the stairs to the second. In the 16th century wings were added to the north and east sides to form Newburn hall. In 1895 the tower was in Spencer's Steel Works. By 1966 the Ordnance Survey noted that the hall had been demolished and the site redeveloped.




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