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Pallion, Crown Engineering Works




Engineering Industry Site

Engineering Works



Demolished Building

The Coles Engineering Company set up the Crown Engineering Works to build cranes, principally for military use, in 1939. Sketches of the original plant layout in 1939 shows the site as large sheds around an open yard, with offices at the extreme southern edge. The enterprise continued until 1998. The surviving industrial buildings are largely of post World War Two date and are predominantly steel-framed and clad. Elements of two early to mid 20th century buildings survive - the former Crown Works Offices and one disused industrial building. The date stones on the offices read 1879 (the date of foundation of the Coles Engineering Company in London) and 1939 (the date of the Crown Engineering Works). To the west of the offices is a stretch of red-brick wall in 3 inch brick. The office buildings were recorded by ASUD in 2012 ahead of demolition. The buildings were found to have been significantly altered and were not of historical .




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