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Tyne and Wear HER(12912): Rowlands Gill, West Thornley Farm, engine shed - Details

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Rowlands Gill, West Thornley Farm, engine shed

Rowlands Gill



Railway Transport Site

Engine Shed



Extant Building

Engine shed associated with Lilley Brickworks (HER 5140). Shown on the third edition OS map of 1919. Located at the top of a cutting to the Derwent Valley Railway (HER 1019). OS maps show railway lines running into the building from the north east.The engine shed is built of yellow colliery bricks in English Garden Wall 1 and 3 bond. The roof is no longer present. On the north-west and south-east elevations are three brick arch-headed windows with rounded brick sills and iron window frames. Each window was set in a recess. Along the top of the north-west elevation were chamfered bricks. There is a large double timber door with iron supports, in the north-east elevation.There is a timber door in the south-west elevation. Added to the south-western corner was an extension (coal bunker). This is built in the same brick. On the south east side of the building is a retaining wall supporting the drop in level to the railway cutting. Attached to the interior of the south wall was a pair of brackets supporting some form of winding gear.




Julie Parker, Tyne and Wear Museums, August 2008, West Thornley Farm, Rowlands Gill, Tyne and Wear - Archaeological Buildings Recording

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