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Tyne and Wear HER(12952): South Shields, Kalua (Decapo) - Details

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S Tyneside

South Shields, Kalua (Decapo)

South Shields

Maritime Craft

Transport Vessel

Cargo Vessel




A 722 ton steamship which was bombed by German aircraft on 30th April 1941 at N 55 00 24 W001 17 34. N 54 59 930 W 01 17 348 (Collings). Steel, 722 ton British steamship, registered in Goole, 59.43m long, 9.16m beam 3.35m draught. She was built as the Decapo by J. Crown & Sons Ltd at Sunderland in 1908 and owned at the time of loss by C. Strubing & Co. Ltd. Her single steel propeller was powered by a three cylinder, triple expansion steam engine. Her machinery was built by the North East Marine Engineering Co. Ltd at Sunderland. She had one deck, a well-deck, a 4.6m watertight bridge-deck and 6.7m forecastle. (The Spokes database gives a measurement of 9.43m x 9.16m x 3.35m). On 29 April 1941 (Spokes/NMR database records the date as 30th April), the Kalua was on passage from the Tyne for London with an unspecified cargo of coal and a crew of fourteen when she was bombed and sunk by German aircraft during and air-raid on the coastal town of Tynemouth. The wreck is believed to be known locally as the South Aquastar. She lies orientated in a north-north-west to south-south-east direction, on a well-swept seabed of hard sand and broken shell in a general depth of 39m. She is very substantial, partially intact and sitting upright 4m high, but with a list to her port side. The wreck is complete expect for her bridge superstructure; there is a large hole in the wreck where is used to be. Grid reference conversion made 23.11.2010 with with Lat/Long referenced as N 55 00 460 W 001 12 585




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