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Tyne and Wear HER(12957): Tynemouth, Snowdrop - Details

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N Tyneside

Tynemouth, Snowdrop



Maritime Craft

Fishing Vessel

Five Man Boat




Sank after a collision with M.V. Komtor on 13th January 1975. Sank at N55 00 48 W 001 23 29. Wooden, small British motor fishing vessel. She is said to have had a bronze propeller powered by a diesel engine. On 13 January 1973 (NMR also records the date as 13.01.75), she was in ballast on a fishing trip when she foundered and was lost, just a few hundred metres east-south-east on the Tyne entrance, following a collision with the West German motor vessel Komtur. Crew saved. Where, when built and by whom are not known. LBD: 45 x 10ft Tonnage is not known. Propulsion: Single shaft, screw-driven diesel engine by Gardner and Sons Limited, Manchester. Owner: I. Lee, North Shields The wreck is very small and the wooden structure is now breaking up because of winter storms in recent years. She stands around 3m high on a hard, sandy seabed with her hull sides and bridge section collapsed. She is recorded as lying in 15m of water (Spokes).




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