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Birtley, Roman bridge abutments




Road Transport Site

Road Bridge


Destroyed Monument

A partly artificial causeway beside Leyburnhold Gill was revealed when a section was cut. It was 30 yards long, standing 15 feet above the Gill and dropping to 10 feet at the crossing point. Large metalling was seen. The road was 26 feet wide, cambered and possessed side-kerbs. The built-up causeway showed that there must have been a small bridge across the Gill. The field south of the Gill stood at a much higher level than the causeway as ploughing had worked several feet of soil onto the road {1}. 30 metres of raised causeway, 4.7m wide and 0.7m high at the north end. Metalling on both sides at various places {2}. The Roman road approaches from the south on a causeway 90 feet long, 26 feet wide, of large metalling, and stops abruptly 10 feet above the Leyburnhold Gill stream. On the north are two mounds, both of which could have been abutments (probably at different dates) to take the road north and north-west {3 and 4}. Coach and Horses Public House has been extended at north-east end and grounds are landscaped. No trace or knowledge of road {5}.




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