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Tyne and Wear HER(1297): Battlefield of Newburn Ford - Details

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Gateshead and Newcastle

Battlefield of Newburn Ford

Newburn, Ryton




Post Medieval



King Charles I's attempt to impose a new prayer book on the Scots led to military conflict in the summer of 1640. To avoid assaulting the strong defences on the north side of Newcastle, a Scottish army of up to 20,000 men decided to cross the Tyne and attack from the weaker southern side. Lord Conway opposed the crossing from the south bank of the Tyne, constructing fortifications to defend both of the fords. The English were driven from one fortification by the weight of the Scots' artillery bombardment. The Scottish cavalry crossed the ford but were countered by English cavalry. The Scots forced the English to retreat to higher ground where they made a last stand but were beaten off by the Scots' advance, who afterwards occupied Newcastle. The cost to King Charles of raising the army and the need to buy off the Scots after their occupation of Newcastle forced the King to install the Long Parliament which sat through the Civil Wars until the Restoration. The landscape of 1640 was profoundly different from that of today. The river has been straightened and the floodplain largely developed. Even so, the topography allows an understanding of the course of events during the battle which took place over pastureland with woods on the steep river cliffs. REGISTERED HISTORIC BATTLEFIELD




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