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Black Callerton village

Black Callerton




Shrunken Village



Documentary Evidence

The earliest reference is 1246, when Eustace Delaval made a grant of half the manor of Black Callerton, comprising 12 bovates and 3 cottages. There were 10 tax- payers in 1296. The village then increased in size: George Delaval in 1519 died in ownership of one manor, 36 tenements and 1 cottage. Reorganization led to a fall in the number of tenants in the late 16th century, there being only 7 in 1584. Three farms were recorded in 1636, and in 1666 11 houses, including the manor. Today there are 2 farms and 6 cottages. Some earthworks such as ridge and furrow have been noted north of the farms.




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