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Sugley common



Agriculture and Subsistence

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Documentary Evidence

Until the dissolution of Tynemouth Priory, Sugley had been uncultivated common, upon which the tenants both of Newburn and of Denton had pasture rights. It was separated from the south-west corner of West Denton in the 16th century, and became a distinct township. In 1610 it was the subject of a law suit as to whether it was in the earl's manor of Newburn or the Erringtons' land of West Denton; the latter seem to have won, and in 1628 Anthony and Mark Errington divided the common between them. The boundaries described in 1610 seem to accord with those on the first edition Ordnance Survey plan In 1628 there was mention of houses built or to be built there. The Lemington Iron Works occupied the south half in the 19th century; today it is wholly built up.




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