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Newburn manor



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Documentary Evidence

The earliest reference is 1204 when King John granted the manor of Newburn to Robert fitzRoger, lord of Warkworth and sheriff of Northumberland. In 1332 the manor passed to Henry Percy, second lord of Alnwick, and remained in that family thereafter, though was often let. In 1367 the manor consisted of a capital messuage and dovecot, 20 carucates and 40 acres of meadow, 18 cottages, 1 untenanted cottage, 2 water mills, 1 brewery, 1 fishery, a coalmine, plus Butterlaw, Dewley and Walbottle. In 1528 an orchard, garden and barns were included. It took in a large area, roughly between the Ouse Burn to the north, the Tyne to the south, the Throckley/Heddon boundary in the west and Denton in the east. The house traditionally known as the manor house is HER ref. 1291.

<< HER 1307 >> M.H. Dodds, 1930, Newburn and Newburn Hall Townships, Northumberland County History, XIII, 135-6, 142-150

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