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Throckley village





Shrunken Village



Documentary Evidence

The first reference is 1161 when the dreng (a pre-Conquest term) of Throckley paid 3 marks to the exchequer. A member of the Saxon burgh and later medieval manor, of Newburn. Six taxpayers were recorded in 1296, 8 in 1312. Throckley passed to the Radcliffes in the early 15th century, then to Greenwich Hospital, which in 1777 bought the freeholds scattered in the ancient enclosures of the township. The village originally lay south of the Roman Wall and Hexham Road, on an east-west axis. It appears to have been a 2-row green village, reached from the north by the modern Hill House Road. Its plan shows clearly on a map of 1781, and it still looked fairly substantial in 1847, but on the 1st edition Ordnance Survey plan the only surviving dwellings were 2 cottages in the north row.




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