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S Tyneside

Marsden, Souter Point, Adam's Beck



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The Adam's Beck was a steel steamship, 2816 tons, 96.01m long, 13.53m beam (wide) and 6.01m draught (needed 6.01m of water to float). She was registered in London, built by the Burntisland Ship Building Co. Ltd in 1941 and owned by the Gas, Light & Coke Co. Ltd. Her single steel propeller was powered by a three-cylinder, triple-expansion steam engine that used two boilers. The machinery was built by D. Rowan & Co. Ltd of Glasgow. On 29th July 1941 the Adam's Beck was enroute to London from the Tyne with a cargo of coal when she was bombed by a German aircraft. One of her crew was lost. The wreck lies in 52m of water and stands to a height of 8m. She is intact at the stern end but the superstructure and hull have collapsed. The wreck covers an area 100m x 45m with many broken steel plates, girders, broken mast, derricks and machinery (Collings). 2,816 – Ton, 96.01m long, 13.53 beam, 6.01m draught Steamship. Bombed. The National Monument Record has two dates for the sinking – 30th July 1941 and 29th July 1941.




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