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Tyne and Wear HER(13166): Marsden, Souter Point, Eagle III (DARGLE, SCHOKLAND, ENERGIE) - Details

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S Tyneside

Marsden, Souter Point, Eagle III (DARGLE, SCHOKLAND, ENERGIE)



Maritime Craft

Transport Vessel





A steel Panama registered motor vessel built in 1956. 400 tons, 54.5m long, 10m beam (wide). Her single propeller, possibly bronze, was powered by a diesel engine. On 16 November 1977 enroute from Tayport to Bergen with a cargo of stone, the Eagle III developed a leak in the hull plates, ten miles east of the Tyne. She was being towed back to shore by the MFV Nova Spero, but sank the following morning six and a half miles east of Souter Lighthouse. The wreck lies in 55m of water. She is completely intact and covered in corals and anemones (Young). The NMR has an entry for this vessel in South Tyneside (NZ 36 NE 76) with a grid ref NZ 52 65) Built: 1956 Where built: Westerbroek Builder: G.J. van der Werff Propulsion: 5-cylinder single screw diesel engine. HP: 375 Speed: 10 knots Ownership / vessel history: 1956, built as the ENERGIE registered in Kampen-Amsterdam to Rederij 'Enegie' 1965, Sold to G Dekker and re-named SCHOKLAND, registered in Kampen 1974, Sold to Vartry Shipping Limited and registered in Dublin as DARGLE 1975, Sold to the Eagle Shipping Company Limited and registered in Panama as the EAGLE III.




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