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Tyne and Wear HER(13173): Millfield, Diamond Hall - Details

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Millfield, Diamond Hall





Country House

Early Modern


Demolished Building

Shown on Robson's map of 1830. A large house in an isolated position within the field system. The building was owned by 'Snowdon'. Messrs Snowdon and Watson established the Diamond Bottle Works to the west of the house in 1852. The OS first edition map of 1858 shows Diamond Hall subdivided into 4 separate ownerships, one of which is a smithy. A slae plan for the Diamond Hall Estate in 1858 shows the 'mansion house' and the land divided into lots. The accompanying sale map shows the land 'late belonging to Frederick Snowdon esq'. Diamond Hall was demolished by 1969 for the expanding glass factory.




Robert Robson, 1830, Plan of the Prishes of Bishop Wearmouth and Sunderland in the County of Durham; Meik and Morgan, 1851, Plan of the town of Sunderland in the County of Durham; Ordnance Survey first edition 1858; second edition 1897 (unnamed) and third edition 1919; Under Construction Archaeology, December 2009, Former Cornings Glass Factory, Lisburn Terrace, Millfield, Sunderland - Desk Based Assessment

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