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Tyne and Wear HER(133): Tynemouth Castle - Details

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Tynemouth Castle and Gate, Northumberland


N Tyneside

Tynemouth Castle







Ruined Building

The medieval castle was of two phases: first, as a result of the 1296 licence to crenellate, the priory built an enclosing curtain and tower, fragments of which survive on the north side, and a 30 yard piece to full height to the south-west. Second, in the late 14th century (c.1390) Prior John Whethamstede built the gatehouse, presumably as a replacement. It consists of an oblong tower of three storeys (passage and guardrooms, great hall and great chamber), with a three storey block, including a kitchen, attached to its south-east corner, and a barbican in front. It has been assumed that there was once a ditch in front of the gatehouse beneath the barbican. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT




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