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Tyne and Wear HER(13312): Dinnington, Fox Covert, pump - Details

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Dinnington, Fox Covert, pump



Water Supply and Drainage

Water Supply Site


Early Modern



During archaeological excavations in 2005, a circular brick well shaft was recorded adjacent to the field boundary, which is depicted on the second edition Ordnance Survey plan as a pump. The shaft was 1.56m in diameter. It was blocked with rubble. The open fields were enclosed in the 1850s and the site sub-divided by a narrow ditch, which is shown on the first edition map. The ditch was steep sided and flat bottomed, 1.10m wide and 0.26m deep. It was filled with blackish brown humic soil. A later field drain was recorded in the partially silted ditch. The fields were used for arable agriculture. Ridge and furrow was recorded across the silted remains of a western roadside ditch. A small ditch and gully may represent a stock enclosure.




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