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Bishopwearmouth, Harley Street, workhouse



Health and Welfare


Post Medieval


Demolished Building

There was a workhouse at the juntion of Durham Road and Low Row, which was bought for £105 from Mr William Watson. In 1823 it housed 25 inmates. In 1827 a new larger workhouse was built at the west end of Hartley Street, to the south of what is now Gill Bridge Avenue. The foundation stone was laid by Rev. George Stephenson. The governess was Mary Richmond. In 1829 314 indoor imates were employed in spinning, weaving and picking oakum. On 13th December 1836, Sunderland Poor Law Union came into existence. It bought the Harley Street workhouse for £2,100. The building was altered and enlarged at a cost of £2,726 6s 9d. It opened on 20th April 1838. In 1848 it was enlarged again at a cost of £250. In 1853-5 a new workhouse was opened on Hylton Road (HER 11779).




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