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Tyne and Wear HER(13367): Greenside, Coalway Lane - Details

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Greenside, Coalway Lane




Road Transport Site


Post Medieval


Coalway Lane runs from the west side of Greenside north to the Ryton Bypass (A695). It is an adopted highway but is little more than a rough stone track, narrow, steep and sunken in places. It is inaccessible for most vehicles. The lane is partially sunken, like a hollow-way lined by trees and hedges along much of its route, and presumably of some antiquity. It is crossed by the line of the Risemoor Way (HER 3321) which was built in 1737-8, as an extension to the 1663 Crawcrook Way. Bennett, Clavering and Rounding in 'A Fighting Trade' suggest that the waggonway bridged over Coalway Lane and that part of the waggonway had a paved level crossing. There are areas of exposed bedrock and sections of brick in places along Coalway Lane, which look like some form of deliberately created surface.




Bennett, Clavering and Rounding, 1990, A Fighting Trade; Roy Deane, Gateshead Council's Public Right of Way Officer, 4 April 2003 (pers comm)

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