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Birtley, Elisabethville, burial ground



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The burial ground for the Belgian village Elisabethville. 13 Belgian people are said to be buried here. Many local people have also been buried here since. Some of the Belgian residents were buried in Birtley churchyard. Gateshead Library has lots of photographs of the Belgian gravestones, mostly taken by Julien Dedrie in 1918, P.W. Armstrong and F. Mackay in 1916-1919 and 15 July 1980. The names on the stones include V. Raymaker, C.S. Priells, J. M'Bondo, F.P. Lovinfosse (died 18 May 1918), A.H.M. Hasevoets, Jan B.A. De Waet, Edgard A.J.V. Roelandt, Jan A. Claessens (15 Nov 1886 - 20 Nov 1918), Raul A.N. Brunet (1897-1917), A.J. Dageyter, F. Cools, A.J. Brogniez. There were two styles of headstone. Most are ?granite with scroll decoration, bronze plaques on the front and a circle above with a ?cross in it. Some of these were still there in 1980. Three stones (Lovinfosse, Hasevoets and Dageyter) are simple white stones with a lion, a cross, the details of the deceased and the words MORT POUR LA BELGIQUE PATRIA MEMORE on the front. There is also one monument with a cross on the top which is called 'the unmarked grave' on Armstrong's photo of 1980. This is the only stone that still sppears to be present [in 2010]. A memorial has been erected in the grounds of Birtley Crematorium.




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