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Tunstall, village green



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Village Green




The broad oval village green separated two rows of east-west lines of house plots in the medieval period. Tunstall (Tonsall) is referenced in the Boldon Buke of 1183 (a survey of land belonging to the Bishop of Durham, Hugh du Puiset) and Hatfield's Survey of 1382. The plan of the Township of Tunstall dated 1830 shows two ponds (HER 8377 and 8378) on the village green. The ponds are still shown on the Ordnance Survey first edition of 1856 along with a guide post. By this time what is now Tunstall Village Road had been been west-east across the green. The south side of the road was fully developed, but the north side of the green still survives. There is now a war memorial (HER 8379) in the centre of the green.




Plan of the Township of Tunstall 1830; Tithe Map 1838; Ordnance Survey First Edition 1856; B.K. Roberts, 1987, The Field Study of Village Plans; M. Laverick, 1910, Tunstall, Antiquities of Sunderland XI, pages 37-52

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