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Tyne and Wear HER(13391): Gosforth, Church of St. Nicholas, grave of C.J. Brandling - Details

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Gosforth, Church of St. Nicholas, grave of C.J. Brandling



Religious Ritual and Funerary

Burial Vault

Family Vault

Early Modern



Charles John Brandling (1769-1826) MP, land owner and coal magnate. The monument is a stone vault, each corner marked by a pillar. The surrounding railings were removed during World War Two. Seven other family members were also buried here between 1826 and 1853. The Brandlings were merchant adventurers who came into prominence from the 1500s as sheriffs, mayors or MPs. The family owned several Tyneside collieries, including Jesmond and Gosforth. In 1760 Charles Brandling (father of Charles John) moved from Felling Hall to Gosforth. James Paine designed his new house, Gosforth House. Charles John, his brother Robert William and his brother-in-law Matthew Bell contributed to the rebuilding of the church in 1799. Brandling Charles John inherited the estate in 1802. In 1826 his brother Rev. Ralph Henry Brandling inherited a disintegrating estate. By 1852 the family was bankrupt. Ralph Henry moved abroad. The rest of the family moved to Somerset. The house was sold in 1880 with over 2000 acres of land. In 1882 Gosforth Racecourse was built in the grounds.




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