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North Gosforth Chapel, burial ground

North Gosforth


Religious Ritual and Funerary

Mixed Cemetery





The evidence for burials consisted of coffins, grave covers, plain and decorated, medieval and C17, and 4 skeletons found in the chancel. Burials suggest it was a parochial chapel. Burials possibly into 18th century. The medieval chapel probably fell into ruins in the 17th century but its attached burial ground remained in use. In the 1780s a clergyman read a burial service there. Several medieval grave slabs and later gravestones lie scattered around the ruins in the grass. The most easily read is to William Hedley, yeoman, who died in 1664. He, his wife and their 12 children are buried here. 'IN CHRISTAIN HOPE ONE RESTS HERE, OBSCURE YET TENDER SHED A TEARE, HE WAS A GODLY ZEALOUS YOUTH, NEVER DESERTING FROM THE TRUTH, HUMILITIE LOVE HONESTIE, EACH VERTUE OF HUMANITIE, DID IN HIM FLOURISH, WHILE HERE HE LIVED IN FAITH HOPE AND CHARITIE, ENDING THIS LIFE IN GODLY SORT, YIELDING TO THE WORLD A GOOD REPORT'. His arms and crest appear below the epitaph. A less readable stone to John Robinson is adjacent. A watching brief in 2009 by the County Archaeologist during the installation of an information board recorded human bones.




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