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Ravensworth, icehouse



Gardens Parks and Urban Spaces

Garden Building


Early Modern



The icehouse lies to the north of the North Tower. It is almost certainly contemporary with the tower's brick lined cellar. Externally it comprises a rectangular earth mound orientated east to west and measuring 5m x 12m. It abuts the north wall of the tower. The structure is entered via a stone-lined L-shaped passageway. At the end of the passageway there are fittings for two sets of rectangular doors. This second doorway leads into a brick-lined chamber below ground level. The double doors would have kept the room as cold as possible. Access into the chamber is via a set of steep wooden stairs. The brick-lined barrel vaulted chamber is 3-4m deep with a small square delivery hatch in the east wall. Below the hatch is a ramp made from two angled timbers which have been recently used to drop masonry blocks into the interior. The timbers are not original.




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