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Ravensworth, woodland rides



Gardens Parks and Urban Spaces


Early Modern



The woodland is situated on steeply sloping ground west of the castle complex. It comprises plantations known as Fugarfield Wood, Hill Head Wood, High Park Wood, Blackman's Wood and Silverhill Wood. A straight track runs through the woodland, dividing it from the arboretum to the east. The woodland is leased to and managed by the Forestry Commission. It mainly comprises mixed plantation woodlands on the site of ancient semi-natural woodland. The tree cover includes remnants of 19th century sycamore, oak and beech and more recent 20th century Norway spruce, Scot's pine and yew. Overhead power lines run through the centre of the woods in an unplanted wayleave. There is more diverse ground cover associated with woodland rides - including species indicative of ancient woodland - ransoms, wood sorrel, bluebell, wood avens, cleavers, wood cranesbill, foxglove and bracken. More diverse grassland rides are present within the woodland with species including ladies smock, lesser stitchwort, bugle, buttercup, cow parsley and hogweed. Mature trees (beech and yew) are also present on the fringes of the woodland along the line of the carriage drive. Rhododendrons are present on the edge of the woodland.




North of England Civic Trust, April 2008, Ravensworth Castle and Estate, Gateshead, Conservation Plan, Appendix A, pages 99-100, gazetteer no. 7C

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