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N Tyneside

Tynemouth Castle, modern military installations





Coastal Battery

Early Modern



The modernisation of the military works began late in the 18th century. "In 1783 the Government fitted up the gate-house for barracks and mess-rooms, removed the turrets and upper portions of the high tower…". "…old features were obliterated, new openings were hacked through its walls, and a hideous superstructure of brick was raised on top of the barbican…". The modern accretions were removed after a fire in 1936. In the early 19th century the chapter house floor was dug up to make cellars for a regimental canteen; in 1863 foundations of the claustral buildings were removed and magazines inserted; by the early 20th century the 17th century buildings had been demolished, and new brick buildings erected. A Fire Command Post (on the site of the new coastguard head-quarters) and gun batteries on the east edge of the site were in use during and after World War 1. The military occupation ended in 1960, and most of the evidence for it was then removed. SCHEDULED ANCIENT MONUMENT




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