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Ryton, Western Falls and Ryton Falls Golf Courses




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Golf had been played at Ryton Willows since 1879 (HER 13570) but the site was shared with many other sporting activities. A new golf course was required which offered greater privacy and a greater golfing challenge. In 1903 land was acquired on top of the south bank of the river. The course was laid out with 18 holes by Richard Collins, Club Professional for Tyneside Golf Club. Arthur H. Garside wrote an article about the club and course in 'Golf Illustrated' July 8th, 1904. By this date the club had 140 members. By 1911 Tyneside Golf Club acquired more land. In 1902 the American Haskell golf ball had been introduced. This had a core made of wound rubber strips which increased the average distance the average golfer could drive a ball. It had a huge impact on golf course design. H.S. Colt was appointed to design the new course (Ryton Falls). Alnwick Foundry and Engineering Company drew up plans for a new clubhouse. The 13th hole was known as 'The Coffin' due to the rectangular shape of the the green. Relatively few significant changes have taken place since Colt's original design apart from at hole 13 where a hill was bulldozed away in the 1950s.




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