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Plan of the Town Moor, Castle Leazes and Nuns Moor 1830



Newcastle, Castle Leazes



Agriculture and Subsistence

Land Use Site

Common Land



Documentary Evidence

Apparently alternatively known as Castle Field, this was the southernmost part of Newcastle's common (leaze pasture). It lay west of the houses on Gallowgate and Percy Street, south of Pandon (Bailey) Burn, and north of Barrack Road, perhaps the boundary with Elswick. Its western edge not clear. It is reached from the town by Leazes Park Road. The origin of part of it was perhaps the same as the Town Moor, i.e. it was once nuns' land given to the burgesses in 1213. Some, however, was bought - in 1681 and 1701. Today it consists of Leazes Park, Castle Leazes & associated grassland, various building complexes such as Leazes Terrace and Crescent, St James’s Park, the RVI, university Medical and Dental Schools, university halls of residence, and Claremont Place. The Park is both a Conservation Area and Listed Park and Garden.




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